10 Awesome Desert Ideas

I have personally attended over 1,000 events over the past few years - here is a list of the top 10 desert ideas that I personally came across. If I missed anything or if you don't agree with my suggestions please feel free to share, comment or add to my list Here it goes 1. Top of my list is an ice cream buffet - I have been to only one event where they served an ice cream buffet (equally cool - Ice cream truck, more common) - This candy buffet was incredible, with over 32 flavours of ice cream to choose from and a wide array of toppings, you certainly could not go wrong by hang an ice cream buffet at your next event. Especially after a few hours of heavy dancing. 2. We often get asked to add a little bit of spice to our son cones. My all time favourite son cone is a son cone with condensed milk drizelled over the freshly crushed ice. I have also been to weddings where Vodka or Rum were the spicy ad ons to the sweet tasting son cone. 3. Im personally a HUGE fan of a good coffee station, at the end of the night nothing gives me a better pick me up then a freshly brewed coffee, espresso, latte, the choices are unlimited. You can also add a bit of spice to your coffee, mixing it Khalua next time you're at an event. 4. I personally attend over 50 weddings per year, we served cotton candy at the reception, before dinner, after dinner, mid night snack, even at the church (the smoke from our popcorn machine set off the smoke alarm - how sensitive) No matter what time we were asked to serve our sweet cotton candy the response was always the same - a long line up. Lucky our gold medal machines handle crowds with ease. 5. Pastries Pastries and more Pastries, i am sucker when it comes to a handful of sweet, crunchy, flaky, tasty, bite sized pastries. Nothing melts my taste buds better then a freshly prepared pastry. 6. McDonalds - WHAT!!!! Believe me, McDonalds cheeseburger is the perfect cure for a liver fully of booze - I have been to several weddings that serve McDonalds at just the right time - After midnight, just when I think I can't drink anymore, my trusty McDonald Cheeseburger arrives to my rescue, its delightful never spoiling bun (always amazed me) soaks enough alcohol from my blood stream to keep me going for at least another hour. LOL 7. Wedding Cakes - they ofter look beautiful, but don't judge the cake by its cover. Most of them taste like crap, filled with so much sugar and sponge that even children don't want it. When you're looking for your Wedding cake, looks aren't always the answer... Its your wedding, be creative, taste the flavours, and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Who cares what they think... you can't please them all with generic vanilla or chocolate. This is your day to show off your true colours, show them who you really are - get a cake that will blow them away and perhaps into a new waist size.... 8. A well crafted Chocolate Fountain - not all Chocolate Fountains are the same. I have tasted a well crafted chocolate fountain with a large, sweet, fresh selection of parcels I was able to use to enhance my CF experience. I agree the top Fountaineers will charge you an arm and a leg for their masterpiece... I say "Go BIG or go home" spend the money or don't spend anything at all... don't hire a sad looking to tier chocolate fountain, it will cheepen the entire experience. You want your well crafter Chocolate Fountain to be the most talked about desert of the night. 9. Tiny Tims Doughnuts, heck I really don't care who makes them, as long as they fit the rolling criteria - freshly made (still warm) lots of white sugar, heavily glazed, deep fried and delicious. Is that too much to ask from your local Doughnut? I don't think so... A perfect desert table has a doughnut station that will drown away all the freshly cut fruit. No matter what you're age, you will always keep a portion of your heart open to the perfect doughnut. 10. Theater style popcorn - I make this stuff everyday and I'm still in love with the smell, crunch, taste, feeling of the perfectly popped popcorn. At your next event don't settled for cardboard tasting micro waved replacement. WOW your audience with the best quality popcorn served by people who LOVE their stuff.

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