10 Awesome Wedding Themes

The theme of your wedding should be something that is a bit personal to you. Being Polish, a Polish themed wedding would be my theme (If I even get married) but whatever your background, your hobbies, your likes, your dreams, your wedding should reflect you and your partners personality. When you're thinking about your next big event, the theme should not only flow with your previous wedding dreams, personality, lifestyle and even budget. I have personally been to over 200 events as a part owner of SugarPop Rentals , I have worked with wedding planners, designers, bridges, grooms, sisters, best men, etc. I can tell you from personal experience about some of the best wedding themes / ideas that I have personally seen. I am not an interior decorator, wedding planner, I am just a candy vendor. Here are a few wedding ideas that I personally really liked
1950'S Themed Wedding - by far one of my most favourite themes for a wedding. The colours, the 1950's clothes (all the quests were asked to dress up in 1950's clothing and hair) The cars, the music, even the 1950's dinner food during the midnight buffet - everything from a 1950's wedding rocked. Especially if all the quests can play along. The most important aspect of a 1950's wedding is the decor, and the venue that you choose. The venue has to feel like you're back in time..... 1950's vintage wedding
Turn of the Century Themed Wedding - I have seen western themed weddings, or simply the old school turn of the century late 1800's themed weddings. I loved the decoration, the chalkboard designs, invitations, the old venues, the colours, the atmosphere. A turn of the century wedding doesn't have to be expensive. You can find almost everything you need on Kijiji, your creativity, your imagination can run wild with this one. You can take photos on horses or on a carriage. You can also pick an old industrial building (like the steam whistle    brewery in Toronto or the Old Mill in Etobicoke) Canada is filled with amazing vintage places. I have even been to old converted churches, the converted churches didn't need much in decorations because they already looked vintage. steampunk-wedding-gown
Dinner / Murder Mystery Wedding - Imagine a wedding that more then a wedding? Imagine adventure, suspense, mystery, action and perhaps a twist at the end. Why not have some fun at your wedding, do something different by adding drama and adventure. We all have been to a wedding before but only a hand full of us can say that we have been a Dinner / Murder Mystery Wedding. There are a few companies out there that offer actors and packages that can help you get started. murder-mystery-item
 Retro 1980 / 1990 Themed Wedding - I have recently attended a 1980 / 90’s themed wedding and let me tell you, the wedding brought back so many amazing memories. Its amazing how music can make you feel. The 1980’s / 90’s held so many amazing memories of my childhood, this theme idea was definitely my favourite. You can have so much fun with this theme, from the colourful outfits, the hair, the music, the over the top attitude. This can be a wedding that everyone (unless you were born in the 2000’s lol) can relate to. boombox-wedding-2
Colour Themed Wedding - My sisters theme for her wedding was pink, she kindly asked all the women to wear pink and all the men to wear pink ties. The reception was held on my parents estate and let me tell you, the areal shot of all the guests looked amazing. All the women were asked to stand on one side and all the men asked to stand on the other side. A really breath taking pink and black photo, the coloured idea for wedding worked out great. Since my sisters wedding, I have been to several colour themed weddings and let me tell you if done right the end result is truly beautiful. The results don't necessary have to be dependant on your budget, all you need is bit of patience and lots of creativity. And if you're not riveted in the creativity department (I can admit I am not) you can find inspiration from GOOGLE or a wedding planner. Colour themed Wedding
 Masquerade Themed Wedding - The definition of Masquerade is “A costume party at which masks are worn; a masked ball. Also called masque.” Masquerade themed wedding is all about the suspense, the mystery, the art, and of course the class. I have always found the costumes, the masks, the mystery exciting and interesting. A party where you’re not really sure who’s who, which can work out great if you don’t get along with some of your family members. All you need for this theme is a few hundred (depending on the size of your wedding) masks or you can even ask your quests to bring or design their own. Most importantly have fun at your wedding and with your theme. masquerade-wedding
  Jazz Themed Wedding  Jazz Themed Wedding
  Movie Themed Wedding  Movie themed Wedding  
  Carnival Themed Wedding  Carnival Themed Wedding

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