Renting vs Full Service Rentals

SugarPop Rentals offers both solutions. But here are some reasons to go with our 2 for 1 promotion. 1st - Renting 1 machine only costs you 75 dollars for one day. Here are some hidden costs no one cares to share with you. - 75 dollars only covers the cost of the machine - you need to spend another 25 dollars to get the supplies. - The cost to pick up and drop off the machine, or you can spend another 25 dollars (estimated - on the low side - most delivery charges are much higher) to have the machine delivered. - During your event you need to A - get someone to man the machine or B - man the machine yourself - this takes your time away from the event. Pay someone for 3 hrs to make the cotton candy or popcorn - 15 dollars for 3 hrs - 45 dollars - 2 things might happen - 1st your hired help might burn themselves, or hurt themselves on the moving parts or 2nd - they might break the machine by leaving the components on for to long, running the machine dry, or simply ordering a flawed machine to begin with. The cost to repair a cotton candy machine is 100 per hour + parts - cost of commercial popcorn machine you just rented is 2,400, cotton candy machine 1,200 - then if all goes well you have to clean the machine and return the machine. If you don't clean the machine you will be subject to a 25 dollar cleaning charge. If you don't return the machine the very next day you will need to pay for another days rental. Let's add it up - 75 + 25 + 25 + 45 + 25 - best case your true cost to rent a machine for 75 dollars is 195 dollars Your worst case - you break it, someone gets hurt operating it and you're 3 days late returning it. You do the math. Is it worth it. SugarPop Rentals Has A Solution. For 275.00 you receive the following. 1st - the highest quality Gold Medal Machine Rental 2nd - the highest quality award winning products that have made SugarPop Rentals a Huge success 3rd - A Professional, friendly, we'll mannered, we'll dressed operator who will set up the equipment - serve your guests for 3 hours and clean up the equipment. Letting you enjoy your party 4th - SugarPop Rentals takes care of all the worry - our staff is trained - they will NOT damage the machines or burn them selves and the Machines are guaranteed to work on the day of your event or else you don't pay a cent. 5th - You don't only receive one machine for 3 hours with 150 servings professionally made and served to your guests you receive 2 machines for the same price. 6th - Mix and Match - pick one machine and get any second machine for FREE. A 275 dollar value for FREE

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