Add Some Fun in Your Sno Cones

You can easily change the flavor of your sno cone by changing the syrup that goes into it. Imagine a sno cone with 20 different flavors to choose from, a buffet with a kick. We have been to weddings where Sno Cones we no longer for children, we spiced things up a little by spiking the sno cones with Vodka. Your Sno Cone had amazing flavor with a twist. With over 20 flavors you Sno Cone had a different taste every time you came back. Why not add something exciting to your next venue? with a bit of Vodka and 20 flavors of Sno Cone syrup you can put a whole new spin to your wedding open bar experience. sugarpop-rentals2_jpg  sugarpop-rentals8  Snow Cone Machine   SugarPop Rentals21 Thank you for reading my blog

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