Step by Step guide to your perfect special day

I have personally catered to over 1,000 events in the past few years and from experience I can tell you some of the do's and don't when planning your next big event. I have ran into my fair share of unorganized wedding planners, drunk wedding planner or bridezillas running around the hall terrorizing their special day. During my observations I will write down some suggestions that you might consider when planning your next big event. 1st - the size does matter - If you're event is under 100 people and you have some previous event planning experience and feel confident that you can take care of it on your own? Awesome go for it... before you start any planning divide and conquer. Make a list or download a list online " Just google - Wedding step by step guide" or you can purchase one of many books at your local book store. Look at the list, you will most likely need to personalize it in order to make it fit your special day. Once you have your list in check, sit down with your significant other and find out what exactly what he is willing to help you with. Most often Brides to be create expectations that aren't shared with their grooms to be. In order for your list to work, you need to review your responsibilities with his responsibilities every week to make sure you stay on time and on budget. If you're wedding or event is over 100 people (I have been to weddings with over 1200 quests) - I suggest you get a wedding or an event planner. Unless you're both experienced at event planning it is best to get some professional help. In my event experience I have ran into drunk / unorganized / rude / unhelpful wedding planners. I suggest you get some research done on the one that fits your needs. 2nd - I have my list now what? - Once you have your list divided and both your partner and you know your roles its time to do some homework. I have previously mentioned that not all wedding / event planers are created equally. Same statement applies for everything else on your long list. I have been to halls, I wouldn't recommend my worst enemy to dine in, I have been to halls that were exceptional but with sub standard staff that simply didn't give a damn about you or your special day. I have been to halls that looked dark and uninviting on the outside but turned out to be amazing after the event was finished. I have been to halls where the staff was so friendly, to this day I keep in touch with them. When planning your next event, the Hall you pick is only piece of your event puzzle, inside that hall you have to make sure the sound carries just right, the lights can dim to your liking enough parking for your quests, the staff seems happy to work there and of course the food is exceptional. So in my second advice, my suggestion to you is.... "DO YOUR HOME WORK" you can't afford shortcuts in this stage of the game. 3rd - book early before everyone does.    

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