12 Month Wedding Checklist

8-12 Months before
  • Select a wedding date (most halls are book up 1 year in advance especially during the busy wedding season)
  • Formally announce your engagement and introduce both families (might want to throw a small gathering – perhaps book a restaurant and meet for lunch or dinner.
  • Decide whom you would like in you wedding party and ask each person to participate – this is critical – a lot of people take family vacations during the summer season, you need to make sure your best men or maid of honour is available on your special day.
  • Decide on a wedding budget – having a set wedding budget will help you determine the following, how many quests, location, add-ons, rentals, etc… make sure you know every cent that is being spend.
  • Hire a wedding planner coordinator (optional) – depending on your budget, having a wedding planner can help you minimize stress, safe money (a lot of wedding planner receive rental discount and special vendor pricing) – interview several before you hire the one that fits you.
  • Purchase bridal magazines and start a "Wedding File". Collect tear sheets of dresses, flowers etc.
  • Start shopping for a wedding dress (must allow time for alterations and fittings)
  • Reminder: Don't forget to bring a pair of stockings, a strapless bra, shoes and a hair clip to each appointment
  • Attend bridal shows
  • Register for wedding gifts
  • Choose an officiate or Clergyman/woman
  • Shop for a videographer and photographer
  • Choose a florist
  • Choose a DJ\Band
  • Purchase a notebook in which to store your wedding information
  • Research locations for ceremony, rehearsal dinner and reception
  • Agree and reserve a wedding location and time
    • Send deposit
  • Agree and reserve a reception site
    • Send deposit
  • Choose caterer
  • Determine your wedding theme, style and color scheme
  • Choose a beautiful place for your honeymoon
  • Apply for passports if needed
  • Make a rough-guest list with a maximum number of guests in mind
  • Schedule appointments at Bridal Salon’s for you and your wedding party
  7 Months before
  • Place your final order for:
    • Wedding Gown
    • Veil
    • Shoes
    • Other
  • Begin shopping for bridesmaids' dresses
  • Interview cake designers, sample cake flavours
    • Select and place an order for your cake
    • Purchase Cake topper
    • Cake Knife
  6 Months before
  • Go shopping for invitations, calligraphy & thank you cards
    • Review invitation options
    • Order invitations
    • Purchase thank you cards (useful for engagement and wedding gifts)
  • Fine-tune guest list
  • Place final order for bridesmaids' gowns and any accessories
  • Have the mother-in-laws co-ordinate and select their dresses
  • Reserve any rental equipment that may be needed for the wedding day
    • Flatware
    • Chairs and Covers
    • Glassware
    • Tents
    • Cups, saucers, spoons
    • Champagne flutes
    • Serving trays, punch bowls, etc.
    • Tables and Linens
    • Napkins
    • Dinner ware
  • Finalize your gift registry (You can request stores send gift cards and not the actual gifts until after the wedding)
  • Book a limousine company for transportation on your wedding day
  5 Months before
  • Review and finalize the overall budget
  • Select floral arrangements for:
    • Bride’s bouquet
    • Pew Bows(optional)
    • Centerpieces
    • Boutonnieres
    • Throw away Bouquet
    • Head pieces
    • Aisle runner
    • Alter arrangements
    • Corsages
    • Bridesmaids Bouquets
    • Archway
  • Finalize all decorations
  • Mail any outstanding deposits to vendors
  • Shop for and purchase wedding rings
  • Select the grooms’ wedding attire
    • Get tuxedo measurements for all the groomsmen
    • Place order for tuxedo’s
  4 Months before
  • Submit menu and beverage selections to the hotel or caterer
  • Begin music selections for the ceremony.
    • Processional song for the groom, parents and attendants
    • Bride-Groom ‘First Dance’
    • Recessional song
  • Decide on whom you would like to be the M.C. and verify that they are available  and willing
  • Interview and hire any additional management staff and babysitters (optional)
    • Bartenders (if not provided)
    • Servers (if necessary)
  • Purchase Guest book, sign-in pen
  • Purchase a gift for the groom\bride
  • Research and reserve rehearsal dinner location
  • Place your final order for party favours
  • Schedule tests for makeup and hair
  • Meet with the stationer and select and order:
    • Menus
    • table numbers
    • Place cards
    • any other accessories
    • several identical pens for your thank you cards
    • plenty of stamps
  • Finalize the date, time and place of the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
    • Make a guest list for the rehearsal dinner
  • Attend your first appointment with the wedding officiate to review details for the ceremony
  • Begin putting together a rough schedule for the weekend of the wedding
    • Ceremony
    • Cutting of the cake (optional)
    • Speeches (optional)
    • Bride-groom dance (optional) Ect...
    • Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
    • Gift Opening
  • Select any special readings and choose readers if necessary
  • Begin writing personalized vows, if applicable
  • Finalize all arrangements for makeup, hair, nails, etc.
  3 Months before
  • Determine who will be giving speeches at the rehearsal party and the reception
  • Schedule an appointment for a food tasting
  • Set up an appointment to see a sample of your floral centerpieces if applicable
  • Begin writing thank-you notes as wedding gifts arrive. It's easier if you keep them up to date
  • Book and reserve your bridal preparation suite
  • Finalize the date and time of the rehearsal and dinner
  • Finalize your plans for the honeymoon with your travel agent
  • Schedule your first fitting for your wedding gown and your groom's tuxedo or suit.
    • Reminder: Remember to bring your panty-hose, shoes, bra, hair accessories, jewelry, camera and best friend
  8 Weeks before
  • Purchase gifts for:
    • Each other( Bride/Groom)
    • Wedding party attendants
    • Your parents and In-laws
  • Order rehearsal dinner invitations
  • Finalize music selections
  • Finalize the ceremony readings and songs to be performed (if applicable)
  • Mail all wedding invitations
  • Finalize your selections for the cocktail hour and reception songs. Review them with your band/DJ
  • Apply for a marriage license
  • Purchase all wedding accessories including
    • Ring pillow
    • Goblets
    • Garter belt
    • Candles, ect...
  • Visit your photographer for the Bridal Portrait
  6 Weeks before
  • Submit the wedding program information to a stationer
  • Finalize all details with your caterer, florist and musicians
  • Finalize all transportation, including any special plans for your family and bridal party
  • Finalize your schedule for the wedding day with your wedding venue contact, band\DJ, MC and wedding coordinator, if applicable
  • Finalize the wedding ceremony processional and recessional information with your wedding coordinator or wedding venue contact
  • Prepare a photo and a video shot list, naming important family and guests. Include one’s relationship to you.
  • Pick up the wedding rings (making sure they are sized and engraved)
  • Finalize your jewelry selection, including:
    • something old
    • something new
    • something borrowed
    • something blue
  • Schedule a final test makeup and hair session with your stylists. Bring your veil.
  • Attend to business and legal details. Get the necessary forms to change names on your:
    • social security card
    • driver's license
    • insurance and medical plans
    • bank accounts, ect..
  4 Weeks before
  • Schedule your second bridal gown fitting
  • Mail your rehearsal dinner invitations
  • Schedule a final meeting with your officiate to discuss the ceremony
  • Confirm your final appointment with your makeup artist and hair stylist
  • Give all musicians the lists of music for the ceremony and reception
  • Practice your "First Dance" with your music (wearing your bridal shoes)
  • Appoint a family member or friend to gather the gifts at the end of the reception for delivery to the proper location
  • Confirm transportation for wedding party
  3 weeks before
  • Reconfirm your hotel room for the wedding night.
  • Reconfirm your bride's dressing room with your hotel or ceremony location (if applicable)
  • Send final confirmation for all your honeymoon reservations
  • Finalize the wedding day timeline and fax, mail or e-mail to all appropriate vendors.
  • Call them to make sure they understand all the information and feel comfortable with the arrangements you have made
  • Submit final numbers to rental companies, the florist and the reception venue managers
  • Mail your wedding day schedules. Make sure each wedding day participant is aware of the day's activities and their role
  • Finalize your seating arrangements (making sure you involve both sets of parents)
  2 Weeks before
  • Send final payment to all vendors
  • Prepare a toast for your wedding reception
  • Finalize the vows you have written for the ceremony
  • Have any hair treatments done - highlights, trim etc. (Don't wait until two days before the wedding!)
  1 Week before
  • Make sure to confide in at least one person to assist you with your errands the last week prior to your wedding
  • Confirm the whereabouts of your guest book and pen, cake knife and lifter, champagne flutes etc. and put them together in one box
  • Confirm the whereabouts of your marriage license and wedding rings and put them in a box or bag marked "Ceremony".
  • Pick up your bridal gown and veil and make sure all of your accessories are together.
    • Also make sure the wedding dress is covered with a protective bag and stuffed with tissue to preserve its shape
  • Pick up the bridal party outfits and bring them to the bridal dressing room on the day before the wedding, if possible
  • Pick up the groom's outfit and make sure all of his accessories are together
  • Get groom a haircut
  • Confirm all appointment times for hair, makeup, nails, etc.
  • Get a facial (Don't wait until two days before the wedding!)
  • Write any final thank-you notes to bridal party members or parents
  • Attend the bachelor and bachelorette parties, if applicable
  • Pack your wedding night and day-after clothes
  • Prepare all your outfits, including the rehearsal dinner, wedding day and post-wedding brunch
  • Prepare and pack for your honeymoon
  • Arrange transportation to your hair and makeup appointments
  • Give your marriage license to the officiate
  • Arrange who will return any rental items that must be returned after the wedding
  • Reconfirm transportation for the entire wedding party
  On the Wedding Day
  • Eat a well-balanced breakfast. You havea big day ahead of you, and some brides have been know to faint because they forget to eat
  • Drink lots of water and refrain from an excess of caffeine and alcohol
  • Take a lavender bath - it's very relaxing
  • Remember to wear a button-down shirt for your hair and makeup appointments
  • Give the Wedding bands to the Best Man and Maid of Honour
  • Take a deep breath and enjoy - remember this is your day!

Renting vs Full Service Rentals

SugarPop Rentals offers both solutions. But here are some reasons to go with our 2 for 1 promotion. 1st - Renting 1 machine only costs you 75 dollars for one day. Here are some hidden costs no one cares to share with you. - 75 dollars only covers the cost of the machine - you need to spend another 25 dollars to get the supplies. - The cost to pick up and drop off the machine, or you can spend another 25 dollars (estimated - on the low side - most delivery charges are much higher) to have the machine delivered. - During your event you need to A - get someone to man the machine or B - man the machine yourself - this takes your time away from the event. Pay someone for 3 hrs to make the cotton candy or popcorn - 15 dollars for 3 hrs - 45 dollars - 2 things might happen - 1st your hired help might burn themselves, or hurt themselves on the moving parts or 2nd - they might break the machine by leaving the components on for to long, running the machine dry, or simply ordering a flawed machine to begin with. The cost to repair a cotton candy machine is 100 per hour + parts - cost of commercial popcorn machine you just rented is 2,400, cotton candy machine 1,200 - then if all goes well you have to clean the machine and return the machine. If you don't clean the machine you will be subject to a 25 dollar cleaning charge. If you don't return the machine the very next day you will need to pay for another days rental. Let's add it up - 75 + 25 + 25 + 45 + 25 - best case your true cost to rent a machine for 75 dollars is 195 dollars Your worst case - you break it, someone gets hurt operating it and you're 3 days late returning it. You do the math. Is it worth it. SugarPop Rentals Has A Solution. For 275.00 you receive the following. 1st - the highest quality Gold Medal Machine Rental 2nd - the highest quality award winning products that have made SugarPop Rentals a Huge success 3rd - A Professional, friendly, we'll mannered, we'll dressed operator who will set up the equipment - serve your guests for 3 hours and clean up the equipment. Letting you enjoy your party 4th - SugarPop Rentals takes care of all the worry - our staff is trained - they will NOT damage the machines or burn them selves and the Machines are guaranteed to work on the day of your event or else you don't pay a cent. 5th - You don't only receive one machine for 3 hours with 150 servings professionally made and served to your guests you receive 2 machines for the same price. 6th - Mix and Match - pick one machine and get any second machine for FREE. A 275 dollar value for FREE

32oz Cotton Candy Floss Sugar + Cones

SugarPop Rentals is now offering Cotton candy Floss Sugar - we purchase 50lb bags of bulk sugar, we are able to sell the bulk sugar into smaller more manageable portions for home use. We offer our sugar in 3 flavours. Cherry, Blue Raspberries and Grape, your sugar comes in 32oz air tight sealed, clear containers. For $20 dollars, you will receive one 32oz tub of candy floss sugar (any flavour) + 25 cotton candy cones For $25 dollars, you will receive one 32oz tub of candy floss sugar (any flavour) + 50 cotton candy cones Each tub can make anywhere from 40-60 cotton candy cones. Ready to use floss sugar for cotton candy. Made from special sugar, not too fine, not too coarse. Bold coloring will further attract attention to your product, without exceeding limits set by the FDA's GMP Directives. Ready to use floss sugar is packaged in a sealed 2 1/4 pound container. Simply pour the floss sugar into the spinner head - no mixing required. Relax, as you eliminate messy mixing and unsanitary sugar buckets. to place your order please or call us at 289 892 5699 Please visit our website at IMG_0153 IMG_0154 IMG_0157 IMG_0158 IMG_0159 Please check out our other full service products.

10 Awesome Wedding Themes

The theme of your wedding should be something that is a bit personal to you. Being Polish, a Polish themed wedding would be my theme (If I even get married) but whatever your background, your hobbies, your likes, your dreams, your wedding should reflect you and your partners personality. When you're thinking about your next big event, the theme should not only flow with your previous wedding dreams, personality, lifestyle and even budget. I have personally been to over 200 events as a part owner of SugarPop Rentals , I have worked with wedding planners, designers, bridges, grooms, sisters, best men, etc. I can tell you from personal experience about some of the best wedding themes / ideas that I have personally seen. I am not an interior decorator, wedding planner, I am just a candy vendor. Here are a few wedding ideas that I personally really liked
1950'S Themed Wedding - by far one of my most favourite themes for a wedding. The colours, the 1950's clothes (all the quests were asked to dress up in 1950's clothing and hair) The cars, the music, even the 1950's dinner food during the midnight buffet - everything from a 1950's wedding rocked. Especially if all the quests can play along. The most important aspect of a 1950's wedding is the decor, and the venue that you choose. The venue has to feel like you're back in time..... 1950's vintage wedding
Turn of the Century Themed Wedding - I have seen western themed weddings, or simply the old school turn of the century late 1800's themed weddings. I loved the decoration, the chalkboard designs, invitations, the old venues, the colours, the atmosphere. A turn of the century wedding doesn't have to be expensive. You can find almost everything you need on Kijiji, your creativity, your imagination can run wild with this one. You can take photos on horses or on a carriage. You can also pick an old industrial building (like the steam whistle    brewery in Toronto or the Old Mill in Etobicoke) Canada is filled with amazing vintage places. I have even been to old converted churches, the converted churches didn't need much in decorations because they already looked vintage. steampunk-wedding-gown
Dinner / Murder Mystery Wedding - Imagine a wedding that more then a wedding? Imagine adventure, suspense, mystery, action and perhaps a twist at the end. Why not have some fun at your wedding, do something different by adding drama and adventure. We all have been to a wedding before but only a hand full of us can say that we have been a Dinner / Murder Mystery Wedding. There are a few companies out there that offer actors and packages that can help you get started. murder-mystery-item
 Retro 1980 / 1990 Themed Wedding - I have recently attended a 1980 / 90’s themed wedding and let me tell you, the wedding brought back so many amazing memories. Its amazing how music can make you feel. The 1980’s / 90’s held so many amazing memories of my childhood, this theme idea was definitely my favourite. You can have so much fun with this theme, from the colourful outfits, the hair, the music, the over the top attitude. This can be a wedding that everyone (unless you were born in the 2000’s lol) can relate to. boombox-wedding-2
Colour Themed Wedding - My sisters theme for her wedding was pink, she kindly asked all the women to wear pink and all the men to wear pink ties. The reception was held on my parents estate and let me tell you, the areal shot of all the guests looked amazing. All the women were asked to stand on one side and all the men asked to stand on the other side. A really breath taking pink and black photo, the coloured idea for wedding worked out great. Since my sisters wedding, I have been to several colour themed weddings and let me tell you if done right the end result is truly beautiful. The results don't necessary have to be dependant on your budget, all you need is bit of patience and lots of creativity. And if you're not riveted in the creativity department (I can admit I am not) you can find inspiration from GOOGLE or a wedding planner. Colour themed Wedding
 Masquerade Themed Wedding - The definition of Masquerade is “A costume party at which masks are worn; a masked ball. Also called masque.” Masquerade themed wedding is all about the suspense, the mystery, the art, and of course the class. I have always found the costumes, the masks, the mystery exciting and interesting. A party where you’re not really sure who’s who, which can work out great if you don’t get along with some of your family members. All you need for this theme is a few hundred (depending on the size of your wedding) masks or you can even ask your quests to bring or design their own. Most importantly have fun at your wedding and with your theme. masquerade-wedding
  Jazz Themed Wedding  Jazz Themed Wedding
  Movie Themed Wedding  Movie themed Wedding  
  Carnival Themed Wedding  Carnival Themed Wedding

Great Venues for your next event

Since 2010 I have been to hundreds of events. SugarPop Rentals has taken me all over Ontario, I have personally been to hundreds of halls, restaurants, hotels out of all those places there are five that I personally enjoyed. The eight places I have picked are only based on the design, history, layout and ambiance. 1st - Steam Whistle Brewing - Canada's Premium Pilsner

Steam-Whistle-Brewery-Hall steamwhistle

I personally love the open space, the old charm, exposed brick, open glass door that allows people to make it an indoor / outdoor event. The staff was amazing to deal with, the setup was easy (to get the machines in and out) the exposed brick really added to the overall ambience, the lights, the exposed wooden beams. The only downfall for some people could be for this venue is the constant smell of yeast from the brewery. I personally love the smell but some people can find it a turn off. Overall the Steam Whistle Brewery did an amazing job turning the old train station into a venue thats both classic and modern. 2nd - Urban Underground by LOFTRAUM 6   I love the exposed brick, the hardwood floors, the fact that you can turn this little spot into almost anything you like, the only down fall I can think of is the no parking. I also found it difficult to get my machines in and out without disturbing the quests at the event. The wedding I attended did an amazing job setting up the stations, lights and decorations. They were able to work with the space and the amazing ambiance this space provided. 3rd - Prince of Wales Hotel‎ property-banner-prince1   If you love wine and intimacy the Prince of Wales Hotel located in the heart of wine country (Niagara on the lake) is an amazing venue to pick from. There is so much history and charm, my eyes never got tired looking. Every room had its own unique appeal. The only downfall of this place is its size... the wedding I attended only had 80 people and for some reason the room felt tight - I was making cotton candy and popcorn in the hallway - it was the only place that had room for my setup. So if you're having an event thats under 80 people I strongly suggest the Prince of Wales Hotel. 4th - The Omni King Edward Hotel - Omni Hotels tordtn-omni-king-edward-hotel-second-floor-foyer omni hotel   The Omni Kind Edward Hotel was an amazing venue, all the rooms looked amazing, and very little was needed to make your event look incredible. The attention to detail in the architecture was incredible, this place did not cut any corners. From the layout to the staff, this hotel was incredible. 5th - Bombay Palace bombay-palace-pic-03   Amazing food, staff and venue, the Bombay Palace was definitely one of our most favourite halls. 6th - The Forth the_forth_05   Although the parking was a bit challenging, the restaurant was incredible from the amazing food, decor, ambiance, space, layout and staff every detail of this place screamed class and elegance. 7th - WVRST *sausage hall and other wonders Wvrst   Super fun and exciting venue, I did a wedding at this place and i must say it was awesome, every inch of this place was trendy, fun and exciting. The food was simple yet delicious, the beer selection was incredible, even their home fries were delicious. The only down fall of this place for me were the flight of stairs I had to carry my equipment oh and the parking. Besides that the event was warm, cosy, trendy and fun. Definitely a great place for a wedding or a corporate event. So for all those hipsters out there, I strongly suffused this place. 8th - the gretzky rooftop patio 25751 gretzki   The staff was amazing, the layout was intimate and cool, the BIGGEST downfall of this place has to be the never ending stair care to the roof. I really wish this place had an elevator, but besides that - the staff, the food, the drinks, the ambiance, the open air was amazing. It rained on the day of the event.

10 Awesome Desert Ideas

I have personally attended over 1,000 events over the past few years - here is a list of the top 10 desert ideas that I personally came across. If I missed anything or if you don't agree with my suggestions please feel free to share, comment or add to my list Here it goes 1. Top of my list is an ice cream buffet - I have been to only one event where they served an ice cream buffet (equally cool - Ice cream truck, more common) - This candy buffet was incredible, with over 32 flavours of ice cream to choose from and a wide array of toppings, you certainly could not go wrong by hang an ice cream buffet at your next event. Especially after a few hours of heavy dancing. 2. We often get asked to add a little bit of spice to our son cones. My all time favourite son cone is a son cone with condensed milk drizelled over the freshly crushed ice. I have also been to weddings where Vodka or Rum were the spicy ad ons to the sweet tasting son cone. 3. Im personally a HUGE fan of a good coffee station, at the end of the night nothing gives me a better pick me up then a freshly brewed coffee, espresso, latte, the choices are unlimited. You can also add a bit of spice to your coffee, mixing it Khalua next time you're at an event. 4. I personally attend over 50 weddings per year, we served cotton candy at the reception, before dinner, after dinner, mid night snack, even at the church (the smoke from our popcorn machine set off the smoke alarm - how sensitive) No matter what time we were asked to serve our sweet cotton candy the response was always the same - a long line up. Lucky our gold medal machines handle crowds with ease. 5. Pastries Pastries and more Pastries, i am sucker when it comes to a handful of sweet, crunchy, flaky, tasty, bite sized pastries. Nothing melts my taste buds better then a freshly prepared pastry. 6. McDonalds - WHAT!!!! Believe me, McDonalds cheeseburger is the perfect cure for a liver fully of booze - I have been to several weddings that serve McDonalds at just the right time - After midnight, just when I think I can't drink anymore, my trusty McDonald Cheeseburger arrives to my rescue, its delightful never spoiling bun (always amazed me) soaks enough alcohol from my blood stream to keep me going for at least another hour. LOL 7. Wedding Cakes - they ofter look beautiful, but don't judge the cake by its cover. Most of them taste like crap, filled with so much sugar and sponge that even children don't want it. When you're looking for your Wedding cake, looks aren't always the answer... Its your wedding, be creative, taste the flavours, and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Who cares what they think... you can't please them all with generic vanilla or chocolate. This is your day to show off your true colours, show them who you really are - get a cake that will blow them away and perhaps into a new waist size.... 8. A well crafted Chocolate Fountain - not all Chocolate Fountains are the same. I have tasted a well crafted chocolate fountain with a large, sweet, fresh selection of parcels I was able to use to enhance my CF experience. I agree the top Fountaineers will charge you an arm and a leg for their masterpiece... I say "Go BIG or go home" spend the money or don't spend anything at all... don't hire a sad looking to tier chocolate fountain, it will cheepen the entire experience. You want your well crafter Chocolate Fountain to be the most talked about desert of the night. 9. Tiny Tims Doughnuts, heck I really don't care who makes them, as long as they fit the rolling criteria - freshly made (still warm) lots of white sugar, heavily glazed, deep fried and delicious. Is that too much to ask from your local Doughnut? I don't think so... A perfect desert table has a doughnut station that will drown away all the freshly cut fruit. No matter what you're age, you will always keep a portion of your heart open to the perfect doughnut. 10. Theater style popcorn - I make this stuff everyday and I'm still in love with the smell, crunch, taste, feeling of the perfectly popped popcorn. At your next event don't settled for cardboard tasting micro waved replacement. WOW your audience with the best quality popcorn served by people who LOVE their stuff.


This year SugarPop Rentals will cater to over 80 Schools in the GTA. We help schools raise money for trips, student council, programs, supplies etc. We make it easy. We custom design a notice form that gets handed out to the students, the parents can purchase as much or as little as they want. The forms get returned and the numbers get added up and emailed to us. On the day of the delivery we place every order in a clear bag and deliver it to the school. Here are some of the way we make this easy
  • We design the order forms
  • We divide all the orders into individual bags (divide it into classrooms)
  • We deliver the order (FREE Delivery in the GTA)
  • We only receive the payment after the delivery is made (No Deposit requited)
Find out why over 80 Schools take advantage of our special school promotion $1 For Cotton Candy - Schools can sell each tub for $2 or $3. $1.25 for Popcorn - Schools can sell each tub of popcorn for $2 or $3. Start Raising Money today - we make it hassle free every time

Celebrate Easter With SugarPop Rentals

Easter-Bunny-TailsJust the other day I came across something amazing, I was doing re search for my next email blast and I came across Bunny Tails for Easter - This little discovery sparked an idea that I think would work well for SugarPop. Almost immediately I began designing our own version of Bunny Cotton Tails.  I also took the time to see how I can creatively incorporate cotton candy and or popcorn into every upcoming event. With the Bunny Cotton Tails selling at only 1 dollar how can you resist giving one to your child this Easter. Happy Easter and I hope you can enjoy your very own Bunny Cotton Tails

What Causes the POP in Popcorn?

(NaturalNews) Corn (maize) is nearly unique among grass species in that its seed has a strong, moisture-resistant hull, surrounding an interior composed almost entirely of hard, dense starch. It is this combination of traits that allows popcorn to pop. Popcorn is simply a specialized breed of corn known as flint corn, which has an especially hard outer kernel. When popcorn kernels are heated in a pot, the water inside the kernel naturally heats up as well, turning into steam. Because the steam cannot escape through the moisture-proof kernel, it soon becomes pressurized and then superheated. This superheated steam cooks the hard starches in the kernel into a soft, gelatinous mass. A constant influx of heat from the pot keeps increasing the heat and pressure inside the kernel up to roughly 135 pounds per square inch, at which point the kernel finally ruptures. The released steam then expands rapidly, filling the gelatinized starch with air. With the steam gone, the starch cools rapidly and solidifies into the familiar popped corn shape. (NaturalNews) Corn (maize) is nearly unique among grass species in that its seed has a strong, moisture-resistant hull, surrounding an interior composed almost entirely of hard, dense starch. It is this combination of traits that allows popcorn to pop. Popcorn is simply a specialized breed of corn known as flint corn, which has an especially hard outer kernel. When popcorn kernels are heated in a pot, the water inside the kernel naturally heats up as well, turning into steam. Because the steam cannot escape through the moisture-proof kernel, it soon becomes pressurized and then superheated. This superheated steam cooks the hard starches in the kernel into a soft, gelatinous mass. A constant influx of heat from the pot keeps increasing the heat and pressure inside the kernel up to roughly 135 pounds per square inch, at which point the kernel finally ruptures. The released steam then expands rapidly, filling the gelatinized starch with air. With the steam gone, the starch cools rapidly and solidifies into the familiar popped corn shape. Learn more: