Fundraising for Schools with Healthy Results

For the past three years SugarPop has been helping more and more schools raise funds for various ventures. Our hassle free approach makes it easy for schools, parents, council members and volunteers to raise a lot of money in a short period of time. Just recently we received an order for 802 tubs of popcorn, SugarPop rentals sold each tub for $1 (bulk discount) - the school is expected to raise $802 dollars for their efforts. SugarPop Rentals will label each tub, and ensure that each classroom receives the proper amount of popcorn for distribution. In 2013 SugarPop Rentals worked with over 25 Schools from pre packaged cotton candy and popcorn to full service fund raisers. We love working with schools, helping them raise money and attain their goals. In 2014 SugarPop Rentals aims to work with 50 Schools, always delivering freshly popped popcorn and a fantastic hassle free experience. For a customized pre order form (we make order forms for each school) and your opportunity to raise some money this year for your school please contact SugarPop Rentals.

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