This year SugarPop Rentals will cater to over 80 Schools in the GTA. We help schools raise money for trips, student council, programs, supplies etc. We make it easy. We custom design a notice form that gets handed out to the students, the parents can purchase as much or as little as they want. The forms get returned and the numbers get added up and emailed to us. On the day of the delivery we place every order in a clear bag and deliver it to the school. Here are some of the way we make this easy
  • We design the order forms
  • We divide all the orders into individual bags (divide it into classrooms)
  • We deliver the order (FREE Delivery in the GTA)
  • We only receive the payment after the delivery is made (No Deposit requited)
Find out why over 80 Schools take advantage of our special school promotion $1 For Cotton Candy - Schools can sell each tub for $2 or $3. $1.25 for Popcorn - Schools can sell each tub of popcorn for $2 or $3. Start Raising Money today - we make it hassle free every time

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