Wedding Sweet Tooth

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Every special event should include a playful, sweet side, a chance to truly absorb the fun and joy of the celebration. Your presentation of desserts and sweet flavours is just the place to introduce a playful element, such as wedding cotton candy. Cotton Candy will be one of the most  popular sweet treats of 2014. Cotton candy, also know as fairy floss or candyfloss, is a form of spun sugar that melts instantly in the mouth. It is a surefire way to transport your guests back to their childhoods, and an affordably elegeant way to make your wedding reception guests smile!

Candy buffets, step aside. The child in me would kill to have cotton candy at a very posh, ever-so-elegant wedding! Imagine it... sipping champagne while oh-so-delicately pinching the most delicious bites of pure silken spun sugar from the freshly made confection! Mmmm... I'd totally do it! And enjoy every moment of the splurge!

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