Glow in the Dark Cotton Candy

Michelle and I often think of new and creative ways to stand out from out competition. In 2013 we introduced two great ideas that were able to expend our services into a wider audience. At one of our weddings we decided to take introduce glow in the dark cotton candy. Well the Cotton Candy itself wasn't the glow in the dark kind (That would be a difficult sale) but the cones. Michelle and I went out and purchased few cases of glow sticks. Originally I imagined using the glow sticks to spin the cotton candy onto. However at the event I began making the glow in the dark cotton candy and realized that the candy wasn't sticking onto the glow stick. It was actually sliding off. I was in panic, I had a line up of hungry and excited guests and my glow in the dark idea did not work. luckily I brought the original cotton candy sticks with me and I was able to insert the glow stick inside the cotton candy stick. I used the cotton candy stick and the glow stick inside to spin a web of tasty cotton candy. The results were amazing, the glow in the dark cotton candy was a hit on and off the dance floor. SugarPop Rentals / Cotton Candy19  You can see the glow stick inside the cotton candy cone SugarPop Rentals / Cotton Candy22  SugarPop Rentals / Cotton Candy24  SugarPop Rentals / Cotton Candy25  SugarPop Rentals / Cotton Candy26  SugarPop Rentals / Cotton Candy29    
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