Great Venues for your next event

Since 2010 I have been to hundreds of events. SugarPop Rentals has taken me all over Ontario, I have personally been to hundreds of halls, restaurants, hotels out of all those places there are five that I personally enjoyed. The eight places I have picked are only based on the design, history, layout and ambiance. 1st - Steam Whistle Brewing - Canada's Premium Pilsner

Steam-Whistle-Brewery-Hall steamwhistle

I personally love the open space, the old charm, exposed brick, open glass door that allows people to make it an indoor / outdoor event. The staff was amazing to deal with, the setup was easy (to get the machines in and out) the exposed brick really added to the overall ambience, the lights, the exposed wooden beams. The only downfall for some people could be for this venue is the constant smell of yeast from the brewery. I personally love the smell but some people can find it a turn off. Overall the Steam Whistle Brewery did an amazing job turning the old train station into a venue thats both classic and modern. 2nd - Urban Underground by LOFTRAUM 6   I love the exposed brick, the hardwood floors, the fact that you can turn this little spot into almost anything you like, the only down fall I can think of is the no parking. I also found it difficult to get my machines in and out without disturbing the quests at the event. The wedding I attended did an amazing job setting up the stations, lights and decorations. They were able to work with the space and the amazing ambiance this space provided. 3rd - Prince of Wales Hotel‎ property-banner-prince1   If you love wine and intimacy the Prince of Wales Hotel located in the heart of wine country (Niagara on the lake) is an amazing venue to pick from. There is so much history and charm, my eyes never got tired looking. Every room had its own unique appeal. The only downfall of this place is its size... the wedding I attended only had 80 people and for some reason the room felt tight - I was making cotton candy and popcorn in the hallway - it was the only place that had room for my setup. So if you're having an event thats under 80 people I strongly suggest the Prince of Wales Hotel. 4th - The Omni King Edward Hotel - Omni Hotels tordtn-omni-king-edward-hotel-second-floor-foyer omni hotel   The Omni Kind Edward Hotel was an amazing venue, all the rooms looked amazing, and very little was needed to make your event look incredible. The attention to detail in the architecture was incredible, this place did not cut any corners. From the layout to the staff, this hotel was incredible. 5th - Bombay Palace bombay-palace-pic-03   Amazing food, staff and venue, the Bombay Palace was definitely one of our most favourite halls. 6th - The Forth the_forth_05   Although the parking was a bit challenging, the restaurant was incredible from the amazing food, decor, ambiance, space, layout and staff every detail of this place screamed class and elegance. 7th - WVRST *sausage hall and other wonders Wvrst   Super fun and exciting venue, I did a wedding at this place and i must say it was awesome, every inch of this place was trendy, fun and exciting. The food was simple yet delicious, the beer selection was incredible, even their home fries were delicious. The only down fall of this place for me were the flight of stairs I had to carry my equipment oh and the parking. Besides that the event was warm, cosy, trendy and fun. Definitely a great place for a wedding or a corporate event. So for all those hipsters out there, I strongly suffused this place. 8th - the gretzky rooftop patio 25751 gretzki   The staff was amazing, the layout was intimate and cool, the BIGGEST downfall of this place has to be the never ending stair care to the roof. I really wish this place had an elevator, but besides that - the staff, the food, the drinks, the ambiance, the open air was amazing. It rained on the day of the event.

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