Intact car insurance, house insurance, popcorn?

Dana and Marek Hospitality expand into new foodservice market segments customizing their preferred brand of on-site hospitality to serve over 60,000 customers every day across Canada and to employ over 600 people. On February 21st Dana Hospitality hired SugarPop rentals to serve popcorn and son cones to over 850 Intact employees. Canada was playing the United States for Gold in the Winter Olympics. 850 Intact employees gathered to watch the game, all with our freshly popped popcorn and Icy Sno Cones. How did SugarPop manage to serve 850 employees just under two hours? We pre packaged a few hundred bags of popcorn before the event, we neatly placed them on trays. As the event continued we kept popping and repackaging new popcorn. The event was a hit, we managed to serve everyone that was at the event in a timely well organized fashion. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dana Hospitality for inviting us to your Winter Olympics Intact event. 700 University Avenue Event for Intact Insurance    Pre packaged Popcorn from SugarPop Rentals    700 University Avenue Event for Intact Insurance 2   Freshly Popped Popcorn at the Intact Insurance Head office    

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