New Addition to our Family… A 6oz Classic Looking Popper with Cart

We decided to step up a notch, we went out and made a heavy investment in a new popcorn machine. Gold Medal manufactures one of the best Machines on the market. All of their machines are well build, durable, dependable and best of all beautiful. For the past three years I have been looking at the #2660GT - Antique Deluxe 60 Special 6 oz. on #2659CR Popcorn machine and cart - I always wanted one but I could never justify the cost until recently. SugarPop was invited to serve at the 2014 Olympic Party at 700 University Avenue. The company that invited us caters over 20,000 meals everyday. This was the perfect opportunity to show off our brand new machine. Tomorrow February 21st 2014 - SugarPop Rentals will serve at the Olympic Lunch hosted by one of the largest Catering companies in Canada. 2660GT

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