ad1ad2THE SWEET AROMAS OF OUR DELICIOUS SWEETS WILL SELL YOUR PRODUCT Intoxicating aroma of Cotton Candy, Fresh Popcorn and Ice cold Sno Cones

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We have what it takes to get your company the attention it deserves at your next trade show event. Do you want every person including your competitors to take notice of your services offered? Well SugarPop Rentals can help you do just that, inexpensively and tastefully too. SugarPop Rentals is registered in Ontario as a snacks services provider that specializes in portable popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cone services, we even offer LED, GLOW Products, Jumping Castles, Water Slides, Candy Buffets, Pre-Packaged Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Loot Bags and Much Much more. Our products delight both the young and the young at heart with their colourful, flavourful, and aromatic offerings. We take pride in providing high quality products coupled with the highest quality customer service. SugarPop Rentals is a full service provider guaranteeing a hassle free experience every time. We transport our machines to your location, we provide the supplies for your event, we serve your customers with professional and courteous service, and we take care of all clean up and return transport or you can simply rent one of our machines with supplies and enjoy the delicious offerings to your guests personally.

SugarPop Rentals is pleased to provide high quality products for your guests' enjoyment. We source our products from local and very reputable providers.

Cotton Candy 

cottoncandyGiving off its very particular aroma while fascinating many with its creation, Cotton Candy is a fluffy and sweet treat that is sure to thrill the young of all ages. Spun from specialized coloured, flavoured sugar crystals, our Cotton Candy is offered in the two standard flavours that are typically found wherever you see Cotton Candy sold, Boo-Blue Raspberry and Pink - Cherry.

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popcornConsidered a relatively healthy snack food in comparison to its many competitors, our popcorn is seasoned responsibly to maintain the healthier aspects of this snack while still providing the mouth watering aroma and taste that has made it famous the world over. Popped in a commercial quality popping machine and freshly made during your event, our popcorn is offered in both the standard salty seasoning or a choice of sweet glazes, standard butter and salt seasoning, sweet caramel glaze seasoning, sweet chocolate glaze seasoning, chocolate / caramel glaze mixed batches.

A staple of the fairground for years, but now you don't have to wait till Whoop-Up days to enjoy a delicious Sno Cone. Our Sno Cone machine is a heavy duty unit that can shave 500 pounds of ice in just 1 hour. Unfortunately if you eat that many sno cones at once you will get severe brain freeze! However they are so delicious though it is worth the risk. WIth the option of 20+ flavours you can cater to every ones desired tastebuds.

Consider SugarPop Rentals for your next BIG event. For more information and booking inquiries please contact Mike at 905 922 3465

SugarPop Rentals offers the following services

• Cotton Candy Machine Rentals • Popcorn Machine Rentals • Sno Cone Machine Rentals (Ice) • Full Service Cotton Candy Machine (2 for 1 Specials) – rent one machine and receive 2nd Machine for FREE (Up to 3 hour rental – 150 servings per machine and a professional attendant) • Candy Buffet (Full Service or Design your own) • LED and Glow Products • Sumo Wrestlers (For Adults and Children) • Photo Booth • Carnival Games • 5ft Stand UP – Minions, Princess, Pirates, • Chair and Linen Rentals • 5ft Gumball Machines • Pre Packaged Cotton Candy and Popcorn (32 Oz) – With custom labels

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