SugarPop Rentals working for Shopify

On April 22nd -Shopify  - Reached one of their milestones 100,000 customers, as a part of their celebration they decided to call SugarPop Rentals to treat their staff with our delicious cotton candy and freshly popped popcorn. Everyone was excited to reach this great accomplishment and receive a few tasty treats in return. I have been to hundreds of corporate functions, Shopify truly makes an effort to re create a home environment for all of their staff. Everyone of their staff looked like they enjoyed their time at work. By creating a comfortable work environment for all of their staff - the staff in return will do whatever they can to ensure that Shopify's clients are well taken care of. You scratch my back and I scratch yours is an old saying that all companies should follow. Its easy to find employees, finding hard working, dedicated employees that help your company grow is a whole new challenge. I think all companies big and small should follow Shopifies approach to client and employee relations. Congratulations on your Great Accomplishment Shopify - I hope SugarPop Rentals can be there to celebrate your next milestone. Shopify - Celebrating 100,000 customers   SugarPop Working for Shopify   SugarPop working with Shopify   SugarPop working with Shopify

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