SugarPop Rentals working together with The Scarlett House Catering Company

In August RBC Plaza and Oxford Property Management put on their annual two day BBQ as appreciation to their 7,000 plus staff and employees. When Scarlett House Catering was hired to look after the food, they contacted SugarPop Rentals to supply pre-packaged cotton candy and popcorn and full service sno-kones for their 7,000 guests. With 3 sno-kone machines on site, SugarPop made sure no body waited longer then 2 minutes for their delicious sno kones.

The event proved to be a huge success. Everything from decor, food and dessert was sure to leave a lasting memory on everyone's mind. Scarlett House and staff did an amazing job setting up the event, keeping everything on time and ensuring that everyone had an amazing time.

SugarPop rentals would like to thank Scarlett House Catering co., for having SugarPop Rentals a part of yet another successful event.

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